The NSBE Space Project Management Meeting (SPMM) will provide interactive project management training in the following areas:

• Five Processes of Project Management
• Project Charter Development
• Goal Setting
• Project Plan Development
• Project Plan Execution
Project Management training will emphasize application to the small team, high performance, volunteer, geographically distributed environment of Space SIG project teams.  The 2017 NSBE SPMM will enable each Space SIG project team to develop a two-year project plan based in the PMBOK that they will execute, with a mid-course correction/replan/extension during the 2018 SPMM.  The SPMM is effectively hands-on training with a result being the incorporation of sound project management principles into the execution of technical projects.
Learned skills directly translate to the lean, innovative demands of competitive aerospace industry organizations.  NSBE SPMM project management training is relevant to all levels of experience, inclusive of those with no prior project management training up to certified Project Management Professionals.
The NSBE SPMM includes 28 contact hours of project management training, which can be recorded as 5 PDUs for Project Management Professionals and 28 content hours for those preparing for the PMP exam.  Licensed Professional Engineers and other certificate holders may also be able to earn CEUs for SPMM participation, but should consult with their respective licensing criteria.
Instructor Background
Akissi Lewis
Managing Partner, The Kallisto Groupe
Senior Strategic Professional
Information Technology Infrastructure Library Expert
Six Sigma Master Black Belt
Project Management Professional
PMI Certified Instructor
Organizational Change Management
Diversity & Inclusion Specialist